Hood Avenue Improvements

Forest Park, GA

This project includes widening and realignment of a roadway corridor along existing Hood Avenue within the Fort Gillem Redevelopment area in Forest Park, Georgia. The design included Hood Avenue and a section of Flankers Road broken up into a 2- or 3-phase construction project. Aulick Engineering addressed the need to implement stormwater measures to minimize the water quantity and quality impacts from the proposed development downstream of the project. 

Aulick designed nine (9) wet stormwater detention ponds and six (6) enhanced swales to reduce post-construction runoff to meet pre-construction flows to the extent practical while also providing required water quality and channel protection. The stormwater team prepared the necessary hydraulic and hydrologic reports, checklists, and cost estimates for the project. In addition, Aulick was involved in permitting with the City and received few review comments. Upon completion of each phase, an as-built analysis was performed to ensure the improvements met the design criteria concerning water quality, channel protection, post-developed peak flow rates, and other non-quantitative matters.



Urban Redevelopment Agency of the City of Forest Park


Forest Park, GA




  • Storwmater Design
  • MS4 Compliance


  • Georgia Airports Association (GAA) 2020 Commercial Service Project of the Year
  • American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) National Silver Medal Winner in Concrete Paving Excellence