Lou Walker Senior Center Parking Lot Improvements

DeKalb County, GA

The Lou Walker Senior Center needed to increase the number of wheelchair-accessible parking spaces for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. Aulick Engineering converted the existing parking lot using variable depth mill and overlay, new concrete ramps, and restriping as part of the design. The primary hurdle of the project was non-standard grading that existed in the current parking spots, which required detailed micro-grading and pavement overlay to meet all ADA requirements. The design minimized the removal of the existing pavement and maximized the amount of mill and overlay, which resulted in cost savings for the client. Aulick also delivered the construction bid documents and engineer’s cost estimate for DeKalb County to put the project out for bid.



DeKalb County


DeKalb County, GA


Prime Consultant


  • Civil Site Design
  • Stormwater Design
  • Local Permitting
  • Engineer’s Report


ACEC-GA 2021 Engineering Excellence State Award