Aulick Engineering brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in construction management and inspection services, specializing in airport projects. Aulick Engineering construction inspectors have backgrounds in surveying, construction materials testing, engineering design, and airport operations, providing a well rounded knowledge base for airport projects.  In addition, their decades of field experience brings a comprehensive understanding of the unique FAA safety requirements and the familiarity with airport project design specifications to make quick field decisions when required.

Construction Management and Inspection Services

  • Shop Drawing Review
  • General Coordination with the Contractor and Owner
  • Overseeing Projects for Conformance with Plans and Specifications
  • Preparing FAA and State Paperwork and Keeping Daily Project Logs
  • Performing Wage Rate Interviews
  • Monitoring Construction Schedules and Budgets
  • Monitoring Contractor Safety per FAA Safety Procedures for Construction on Airports
  • Communicating with Pilots and Towers to Coordinate Construction Operations
  • Processing Pay Applications and Closeout Documents

Construction Inspection Project Experience